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Joel Moser: Encoding information in graphene nanomechanical vibrations

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:Joel Moser 教授



Mechanical information processing conjures up images of 19th century automatons outfitted with gears and levers. It is, however, a thriving research area that has grown alongside the field of electron-based information processing, both of which benefitting from progress in micro and nanofabrication. In this context, nanomechanical resonators have been employed as antennas, filter banks, mixers, oscillators, modulators, non-volatile memory devices, and logic circuits, thereby demonstrating their usefulness as building blocks for signal processors. In this presentation, I will introduce our research on mechanical information encoding based on graphene nanomechanical resonators. The latter can be pictured as atomically thin drumheads with resonant frequencies ranging from one megahertz to hundreds of megahertz. The first part of the presentation will be about our work on graphene nonlinear parametric resonators. These mesoscopic vibrational systems host up to 5 phase states. I will describe how we select these states with a coherent driving force that lifts their degeneracy and how we control them with a gate voltage. The second part will be about our work on graphene nanomechanical video receivers. We encode digitally modulated video signals in the vibrations of graphene resonators and transfer this encoding from the vibrations to an optical field. We find that the digital bit streams we employ to drive vibrations are exquisitely sensitive to the phase of vibrations and can be employed to characterize nanomechanical nonlinearities. Overall, I will propose that useful information can be encoded in graphene nanomechanical vibrations in several interesting and playful ways.


Joel Moser,苏州大学光电科学与工程学院教授,博士生导师,国自然外国资深学者项目获得者,江苏省级特聘教授。Joel Moser教授于1999年在法国巴黎第十一大学取得固体物理学博士学位,1999年至2002年在美国波斯顿大学从事博士后研究,之后在德国沃尔特肖特基学院、慕尼黑大学纳米技术中心、西班牙纳米技术研究所和光子科学研究所担任研究员,2015年10月全职加盟苏州大学光电科学与工程学院。Joel Moser教授先后主持多项国家级和省级科研项目,并且在Reviews of Modern Physics、Science、Nature Nanotechnology、Nature Communications、Communications Engineering、Physical Review Letters、Nano Letters 等多个国际重要学术刊物上发表学术成果。